As a musician myself, I know all to well the quest for the perfect tone.  My belief is that the guitar pick is one of the tools available for  crafting, shaping and enhancing tone.  Whether you are  a novice or  professional  guitarist,  I believe that we have the pick for you .
   Pick Your Axe uses only the finest woods available in the production process, and all of our guitar picks are handcrafted featuring a tapered design with thickness of pick tapering from  approximately .065 to .042.  This thickness equates to roughly 1.5mm to 1.0 mm at the attack end.
   The picks (both accessories and playing) are handcrafted from Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Lacewood, Bocote, Cocobolo,Walnut, Bubinga, Cherry, Honduran mahogany, Redheart, Hard maple, Pau Ferro, Paduck, Wenge, Macassar Ebony, Indian Rosewood, and Bloodwood. From time to time we do encounter unique wood species that we feel would make a nice pick,  please check  with us to see these new products. 
   Performance picks are listed on the pick pages. These picks receive a hand rubbed oil finish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood as well as help in sustaining grip (once broken in).
   In our accessories listing we manufacture our picks into necklaces, pins and magnets for everyone.  No guitar lessons needed to wear these unique items.  The picks are gloss lacquer finished to enhance the wood's beauty as well as provide a durable protective finish.  
  Check out our apparel page for T-shirts that no guitar lover should be without. 
   Pick Your Axe, the Pick With Class.



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